California Dreamin’

some e cards leaves falling

The change of seasons always blows a case of the S.A.D.’s my way. One way of overcoming this obstacle is my annual fall trip to visit Sister’s Familien in San Francisco. I always save up beforehand so I can shamelessly spoil my amazing nephews and also splurge at H&M, F21 and Wasteland. When in shopping heaven it is crucial to take a shopping list with you of things you know you don’t necessarily need but definitely want. This prevents you from ending up with junk that loses its luster once it can no longer shine under the blinding retail lights. As you are my witness, I promise to stick to my list, the whole list and nothing but my list, as listed below.

Sleek & slim-fitting motorcycle jacket.

Faux-Leather jacket,

Faux-Leather jacket,

1970’s secretary dresses that work perfectly with my uniform for fall (dresses+tights+boots).

9 to 5

Colorful and textured tights to compliment the above.

colorful tights

Any dress in the structured style of Victoria Beckam’s namesake new collection.

Victoria Beckham "Carmontelle" dress,

Victoria Beckham "Carmontelle" dress,

A classic trench (I know I already have one, but it’s way too big and the last thing the world needs is a  “boyfriend trench” trend).

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Breakfast at Tiffany's

I’d love to put a pair of cropped zoot trousers on trial (Sister may object!).

Photo courtesy of The Sartorialist

Photo courtesy of The Sartorialist

If for any reason that search comes up empty I am allowed to venture to J.Crew to drool over Jenna’s Picks and also the gigantic Macy’s to scout out the new & highly improved Liz Claiborne section.

What are your plans for the fall transition?

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