Go For Broke.

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Thanks to the many holiday splurges (gifts, plane tickets, late nights, etc) most of us find January to be our brokest month of the year. When it comes time to tightening your belt you needn’t sacrifice style. Everyone and anyone can look and feel fabulous on a budget, you just need to know how to allocate your fashion funds. The first step is to purge your closet and transform it from a clearance sale into a brand new boutique. Get rid of what doesn’t fit or flatter and toss out a couple trends of your fashion past. Let go of all the clothes that aren’t your size because chances are once you get to that size again you will want all new clothes! Go invest in having that oversized blazer perfectly tailored once and for all. The big idea is to uncover the hidden jackpot that already exists in your wardrobe and make shopping it more efficient. For those who can’t stop the impulse buy altogether, I have some suggestions of ways to remain chic but for cheap.

 I don’t want no scrubs.

Banish the checkered scarf!

Ill-fitting undergarments: toss 'em and go get professionally fit.

No crying over spilt wine and yellow pits. Simply bid adieu to stained Tshirts and Tanks!

Put away the pastels... for now.

Anything too big or too small has to go. Get rid of the emotional ties and hoarding habits!


Forever fabulous! MAC Viva Glam Lipstick, $14, Nordstrom.com. Bonus: Every cent goes to the MAC AIDS Fund. Recycle your MAC containers and receive any lipstick for free!

Is that from Anthro? Why no I bought it on Etsy! Ruffled flower petal gown, Foundlings Vintage, Etsy.com

Browse the clearance sales! Tip: If you wouldn't love it at full price, do NOT buy it on sale!

Winterize your summer wardrobe. Layer tights, booties, leather jacket, belt, scarf... Photo courtesy of The Sartorialist

Make the most of a vintage scarf! Tie one on your handbag, in your hair a la Jackie O or tie in front and let the pattern show in back, etc... Silk bird & flower print scarf, Ibona Design at Etsy.com

Invest in tailoring your staple outdoor coat. Double-Cloth Lady Day Coat, Jcrew.com

Disclaimer: I love hair color; however, when it comes time to penny pinch one must ditch the highlights! Unless you've got the funds, there is no better time like the present to darken back up.

By the time Spring Cleaning rolls around you should be ahead of the game and stylish as ever!

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