Deserted: Day 2

all that and then some. Collector's Corner, Rancho Mirage

I can now say with complete certainty that I am palm sprung! I absolutely love it here and am convinced that the storm indefinitely delaying my flight is a hint from above that I have no business leaving the lap of luxury! My hosts have been the utmost of gracious, and I have pondered returning in April for the fashion fest that is Coachella. For now, it is my pleasure to show off the results of my whirlwind style stop at Collector’s Corner in Rancho Mirage. In addition to the impressive inventory, this thrift store is clean, organized and incredibly inviting due to the lovely ladies on staff (and again the proceeds benefit a worthwile cause). Check out my very own spring 2010 “Collector’s Collection” below, and I’ll head back into my winter reality check.

see thru.

lovely lace.

glow in the dark.

sheer cover.

flower power.

digital underground.

vintage St. John jumpsuit.

sgt. pepper

spring's color palette du jour! couldn't leave without the red shorts!

down to earth.

these loose, pleated pants were too perfect to pass up!

easter sundae.

soft structure. love this!

subtle undertones.

pastel powerhouse!

my favorite dress, but it didn't fit! if you love something, set it free... go get it at Collector's Corner, Rancho Mirage

special thanks to M&D for their hospitality, style scouting,  trick photography and more!
Also, please pay a visit to Sister’s site for guidance in donating to relief efforts in Haiti. Good deeds will never go out of style!

8 thoughts on “Deserted: Day 2

  1. Shmal says:

    That black dress is to DIE for! Please say you pulled the trigger on that one. Okay, I am getting a little scared of you giving away all our desert vintage haunts, but like you said..if you love something, set it free.

    • styletrial says:

      had to pass on the black dress because it was crazy vintage tiny! i don’t think M was able to zip it up all the way!
      … and we have nothing to worry about since most people don’t have a personal Dez shopper 6 months out of the year 😉
      the style trial

  2. Bonn says:

    so how were the shoes…..I have nearly 5oo pairs of Ferragamos. Did you see any purple leather pairs with little bows? How would you organize theses lovlies? I love the red St.John and the pale pink dress. Girl, you are a model!

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