Intimate Encounters.

nina ricci. fendi. antonio berardi. photos: marcio madeira for

Rarely am I at a loss for words, but it’s taken some time for me to lay the groundwork for introducing the sensual seduction trend. Silk, lace and chiffon peep-shows have been taking over the runways and are coming soon to a mall near you. I am a proud supporter of all things feminine, but I would die (a fashionable death) if any of you take away the impression that I’ve encouraged you to rock out with your bra out!  After careful examination, I’ve ruled in favor of soft silhouettes assuming one obeys the following laws:

} Back to basics. In terms of color, go light (cream, nude, pastel) or dark (navy or black). It’s best to avoid brights and/or prints.

} Stay on top. No need for provacative pants or risqué rompers.

} Keep it simple. Swap in a silky camisole in place of your typical tank and done. No need for silky + lacy + poofy + pink.

} Girl meets Boy. Always balance the feminine with the masculine. I say this repeatedly because you’re at risk of looking like a costume character if you take any look too far. Watch how J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons wins the battles of the sexes here.

Frisky Foundation.

"Zen" contour cami bra by Natori,

wireless bralettes,

Brazen Bodice.

Crisp Indigo Blouse,

silk camisole,

corset cami by Elizabeth & James,

Shear Thing.

"Joyce" lace sleeve voile top by Joie,

ruffle sleeve top by Twelve by Twelve,

silk chiffon pleated blouse,

Warming Sensation.

"Jolene" sweater by Corey Lynn Calter,

"field game" cardigan,

draped silk-crepe blazer by Elizabeth & James,

} Most importantly, if this trend isn’t your thing then surely skip it. Might I suggest trying on some sassy separates in a proper lingerie department instead (and get accurately fit for undergarments!). We all know Victoria’s secret, but some of us just prefer to keep it in our pants.

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