Dig in!

Baby it’s cold outside, but spring has sprung indoors! Retail establishments are showing off the season’s top trends as their buyers have attempted to fluently translate the runways into real world practicality. I consider myself somewhat of a savvy consumer; thus, I find it’s easier to mimic what’s hot on the floors while at a thrift shop than it is to splurge on the “real” deal. Fashion may be ever-changing, but in the end it’s cyclical. Is this really the first time that floral skirts have been the must-have? Or that leggings are a necessity? Or that oversized [insert garment here] was très chic? Answer: absolutely not! Save your money girlfriend, because trends pass overnight and your closet doesn’t need another pair of designer shredded jeans or an “updated” boyfriend blazer. Make a date with your favorite vintage store and put the following items on your To-Dig list.


1. Vince Oversized Roll Sleeve Shirt, Piperlime.com

2. “Boyfriend” Woven Shirt, Forever21.com

3. Trouve Button Front Boyfriend Shirt, Nordstrom.com




 1. Floral Skirt, Forever21.com

2. Eight Sixty Floral Print Silk Skirt, Nordstrom.com

3. “Pollen Promise” Skirt, Anthropologie.com



1. Rick Owens “Kady” Pleated Pants, Outnet.com

2. La La Berlin “Jim” Trousers, RevolveClothing.com

3. Bird by Juicy Couture Cashmere Harem Pant, NetAPorter.com



1. g-star “Army Rovic” Tapered Pants, SSense.com

2. My-Pants “Dublin” Cargo Pants, ShopBop.com

3. “Whitney” Low-Rise Boyfriend, Delias.com

4 thoughts on “Spend/Thrift

  1. wwkae says:

    Dude, I think that mom already has multiple pairs of pleated tapered khakis already in her closet. FROM 1989. That fact alone keeps me far from wanting pleats in my life.

    Howevs, I applaud the brave who can pull it off without looking like you have the flattest ass (not in a good way) and pounchy stomach. Cause I sure cant.

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