Pass the Dutch? Yes, please. Thanks to the likes of Chanel, Celine and Louis Vuitton, clogs are coming out of the woodwork this season. There are countless updates to the classic clog making this historic shoe a more comfortable, wearable and now accessible addition to your wardrobe. Time to cuff up your casual pants and knock on wood!

dutch babies.

een. Michael Kors “Sycamore” clog

twee. Swedish Hasbeens “Sky” clog

drie. Tory Burch “Risley” clog

vier. Jeffrey Campbell “Charli” clog

vijf. Mia “Braid” Swedish Clog

zes. Cynthia Vincent “Tamara” Embroidered Peep-Toe Clog

Editor’s Note: My apologies for the lack of recent entries. I’ve been stuck in Shaun White mode and having a hard time thinking outside the flannel. More style, less snow from here on out!

3 thoughts on “Woodstock.

  1. Kellie says:

    I love clogs, but don’t know how I feel about them going runway.
    I’ve always loved that, “I don’t care about fashion, but I’m damn cute,” look of the clog.
    Now the clog says, “I want to look Chanel spring 2010.”
    Still, I love the clog. But runway?

  2. Shmal says:

    I agree with Kellie…I love clogs, always have loved clogs, not sure how I feel about Chanel clogs, but if that what the clog needs to finally feel accepted in a clog eat clog world, then I’m down.
    P.S. I have Shmeer to thank for justifying my purchase of the most amazing gray clog boots in Berlin..Choozie Bitches!

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