Fresh Perspective.

cashmere open cardigan in apricot,

Lately I feel deeply challenged every time I get dressed (more so on workdays). My clothes have become mismatched pieces of a once-worthwhile puzzle of a closet. The vintage isn’t mixing with the new, nothing fits or “match-clashes” in the right way anymore… and why do i have 5 gray cardigans and twice as many gray wool skirts sitting around collecting dust? How can i dress people for a living but not be able to dress myself anymore?! Picking out what to wear has become the hassle that used to be my hustle and flow!

After a long talk with the Debbie Downer Hotline, I’ve realized that the source of so much of this style strife is that I’m fighting the seasonal wardrobe transition! The weather is on the upswing with occasional days of sunshine (followed by subsequent downpours), but I no longer need to leave the house with my staple coat, scarf, gloves and hat. I’ve had to retire many of my favorite winter accessories, but this doesn’t mean I can just run out of the house in a sundress and sandals (that’s about 3 months out). So what to wear when it’s cool outside but you’re heating up inside? Answer: colorful layers belted to imperfection. Away with the gray and in with cheerful orange, peach, papaya and apricot! I have been flipping through magazines religiously in search of my seasonal style concept and fell in love with this totally attainable look from j.crew (pictured above). A little inspiration goes a long way, and props to Jenna’s  style setters for crashing my pity party!

coral reef.

1. V-Neck Cardigan, Martin + Osa
2. Ikat Linen Top, Forever 21
3. Slub Sweater Cardigan, Forever 21
4. Linen-Blend Crochet Neck Tunic, Old Navy
5. Looping Lanes Belt, Anthropologie
6. Pintuck Cami, Forever
7. Joanie Plaid Shirt w/Belt, Forever 21

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