Grey Matter.

"Little Edie" in Grey Gardens, 1975

So I’ve let the cat out of the bag that I’ve been having a little trouble practicing what I preach lately. I’ve been weeding out the dead weight in my closet to make room for lighter, brighter staples and trying to make sense of the rest. Suddenly it dawned on me that the missing link right now is a “statement” shoe to perk up my every day outfit. I need something to add that fashionable touch when paired with cropped cargo’s, a floral skirt or skinny jeans. I’ve narrowed my search down to the following criteria: a comfortable bootie with a trendy twist and preferably a neutral grey tone. I’m having trouble deciding which pair to pick so please weigh in on the matter!

six degrees of separation.

1. Jessica Simpson “Ciera”

2. Jeffrey Campbell “Paris”

3. Filippa K “Simone”

4. All Black “Stacked-Strap”

5. Mia “Seductive”

6. J.Crew “Brodie”

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