Go With The Flow.

dangerous curves ahead.

People, the world is trapped in a trend. Everywhere I go all I see is boxy/drapey/flowy/batwing/dolman/oversize/wide-as-can-be tops! An extra small shirt now fits like an XL, and it’s like attack of the Flashdance shoulder all over again. Don’t get me wrong there are some styles that I desperately covet, but this trend is a bad trap for so many; namely, the curvy girls. If you’ve got a bump in the road you needn’t steer clear, but you do need to avoid some dangerous curves! Lesson 1: you must carve out a waist, be it by belting or simply tucking in your top. Lesson 2:  add gravity with a chunky necklace or tailored blazer to balance out your ensemble. I’ve created a little flow chart to help demonstrate, so ladies if you’ve got it then flaunt this…

if you've got it, flaunt this.

Stamped Tulips Tank, Anthropologie.com

Citizens of Humanity ‘Amber’ Mid-rise Bootcut Jean, RevolveClothing.com

Sliced Agate Bib Necklace, JJill.com

N.Y.L.A. ‘Laroche’ Sandal, Nordstrom.com

5 thoughts on “Go With The Flow.

  1. emily says:

    1) when are we going to see a post on the tie die trend?
    2) when are we going to have a tie die party with some hanes?

    I would like answers to both ASAP. And I am serious about #2. We can do it on my back porch!

  2. emily says:

    PS I just got the cutest drapey nautical shirt. I am definitely a girl with a bump in the road! Ooops. But… drapey = comfy! Binding = sausage casings.

    • emily says:

      PS… I know, NY and CO… random. But I was killing time in a mall in North Carolina and it was either that or Aeropostale. Don’t judge.

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