Beachy Keen.

change of pace.

So I’m that girl who’s always running late. It takes me an hour and fifteen minutes to “get ready” and I can easily tack on more time to that if I can’t figure out what to wear. In my recent race against the clock I’ve been saving time by foregoing eyeliner (gasp!) and foundation (double gasp!) and piling on sunless tanner instead. This tactic alone saves me a good ten minutes every morning, and I think my sudden glow keeps people guessing where I’ve been vacationing! Though I’m still the jackass putting on her mascara at stop lights, I’m proudly  speeding that much less to work every day. I’ve also been adopting a “beachy” look to accompany my tan, and I’m quite inspired by the effortless looks of Kate Hudson and her Malibu Beach Barbie counterparts. If life’s a beach, then all you really need is jeans and a white t-shirt… but if you happen to have an extra ten minutes then throw on a couple cool accessories and hit the boardwalk!

washed ashore.

1. Brightly Twisted Tie-Dye Pashmina,

2. Ella Moss “Lila” Cuff-Sleeved Top,

3. GlowFusion Micro-Nutrient Face & Body Natural Protein Tan,

4. Foldover Canvas Tote,

5. Easy Straight Destructed Jeans,

6. Cynthia Vincent for Target Gladiator Wedge,

7. J.W. Begay Solid Cluster Turquoise Cuff,

8. Two-Tone Sunglasses,

4 thoughts on “Beachy Keen.

  1. Main Gay says:

    My birthday is in less than 2weeks and I’m adding 1 & 3 to my wish list (this is not a reminder and I’m not hinting at anything, but its May 11th and I love you).

    I love the top and the jeans. I think I could pull this off without crossing into tranny territory. At worst I would look like a lipstick lesbian, right?

    Ps. I’m ready for the gladiator to be retired. I know you girls still love them but after this summer I say throw them out!

  2. sistoh says:

    Case in point why mom taught us to always have at least 1 main gay in our lives. They really just tell it like it is while making us feel good about themselves. Can’t 2000 and hate them for that.

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