Get in Line.

coco chanel.

Judging from the diagonal zippers, strappy shoes and patriotic stripes out there, it seems that everyone is walking a fine line! Personally, I’ve always been in search of the perfect navy and white boatneck top a la Coco Chanel, but I just got back on track thanks to a most edgy cohort of mine who dared mix a striped tee and a floral skirt with enviable success! Horizontal stripes always get a bad rap for making peeps looks wider in the middle, but if you stick with thinner stripes in a loose silhouette then it’s all good. I must switch lanes now and declare my love for skinny cargo pants! With seams going in every direction these are not the most flattering of pants, and perhaps it is no coincidence that the best pair out there is totally unaffordable and hard to find in-store! So… while I go check up on my credit line, you go ahead and strip down to these.

my summer line-up.

1. Jeffrey Campbell “Roller” Sandal

2. Central Park West Sequin Striped Top

3. Nation Ltd. “Cypress” Striped Tee

4. LC Lauren Conrad Floral Embellished Skirt

5. BC “SOS” Oxford Sandal

6. J Brand “Houlihan” Cargo Pant

7. Old Navy String Bikini

8. Lemlem “Tibeb” Tunic

2 thoughts on “Get in Line.

  1. styletrial says:


    girl you know i’m loving your, loving your style! we’ll find you a #8 and everybody be check, check, check, check, check, checking you out!

    The Style Trial

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