Something About Mary.

super nanny!

With the exception of French Kiss, my favorite movie is, has and always will be Mary Poppins. Not only is she practically perfect in every way, but her style is Supercallifragilisticexpialidocious. She can also sing, dance and charm an entire town including the hottest chimney sweep/one-man-band around. It’s no wonder I would spot the upcoming boot trends and immediately reference Mary. For a modern look this fall gals will be tucking their slim, straight leg jeans into  shorter boots or going for a leggings/tights + feminine dress + boots ensemble. For further how-to inspiration watch Singles or Empire Records and replace the grunge Doc Martens with a Poppins boot instead. After all, everything is wonderful with Mary!

Step in time! Step in time!

1. Miz Mooz Harlem

2. Charles David Randsom

3. Seychelles Cheerio Bootie

4. Boutique 9 Rivit

5. We Who See Fringe Boot

6. Jeffrey Campbell Bradley

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