Jenn X.


It was a nearly a year ago that skate über-brand Volcom debuted its Road Tested Denim in a “rock and roll collaboration” with Jennifer Herrema. Um, who? After finally doing my research, I am now thoroughly intrigued by the designer in question (and apparent winner of the fashion X-Games). In short, if Stevie Nicks and Keith Richards had a love child, Jennifer would be it. She has earned street cred as an indie-rocker/artist/model/stylist/muse, and it’s paying off with enviable success now that Volcom is sold out of her limited-edition, handmade denim. Watch Jennifer snip and smoke her way through the design process here and if you’re  feeling her crafty buzz then take the high road in her signature ensemble.

cig's & beer sold separately.

men’s woven plaid shirt, Just A Cheap Shirt

hooded sweatshirt, T by Alexander Wang

aviator sunglasses, Forever 21

hair lightener, Sun-In

rhinestone bracelet, Urban Outfitters

leather snake chain cuff, Cecilia de Bucourt

billy short boot, Frye

525 bootcut jeans, Levi’s

dressmaker shears, Gingher

faux fox tail, Campise

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