Let’s Get Physical.

feel the burn.

Though I’m no Tracy Anderson, I can admit to a pretty steady relationship with working out. I embraced this necessary evil once it finally clicked that I feel productive and healthy every time I do it. All I really know about exercise  is the filthier the rap, the longer I can run (everything else I learned from a book at the public library). You might assume I strut to the gym in some supa dupa fly tracksuit, but in actuality I never look dumpier than in my college t-shirt and men’s basketball shorts. I have always thought workout wear was for posers until a recent random purchase of running shorts. I felt like the gym harlot in such short shorts before accepting their comfortable practicality; however, you will never see me pumping iron in a skimpy sports bra (let’s all agree to leave that one to Gabrielle Reece). With my newfound functional fashion discovery has come a flood of ways to spice up my sporty. Perhaps you too will be inspired to flex your abs of style after some motivational retail therapy.

make it work.

1. Eminem Curtain Call; Missy Elliot Best, Best; T.I. Paper Trail

2. The North Face Bounce-B-Gone Sport Bra

3. Nalgene Squishy Bottle w/ ATB Cap

4. Nike Tempo Track Short

5. Nike Free Hyper TR

6. Adidas Wooster Watch

7. Adidas Sleek Logo Tank

8. NBA Logoman Headband

2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Physical.

  1. main gay says:

    Pretty fly for a white guy… My new goal is to get a flat stomach so that I can run around the gym in a cut-off T and I can take my place as the gym harlot.

    ps. I’m not kidding

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