Too Hot Lady.

sizing up my competition.

Warning: this is not your average Style Trial post! Rarely do I venture out on assignment, but I jumped for boy-crazy joy when I heard that my ultimate crush was in town to show off his superior skills in the Dew Tour’s vert competition. And yes, I did have to google the definition of vert, but I’m totally on board now. Did I actually think that Shaun White and I would lock eyes and our style connection would bond us forever? No way! Was I certain that my general admission ticket would guarantee a spectacular view of The Dew? Absolutely not! But that didn’t stop me from stepping out of my clothing comfort zone and into something a little more skater skimpy (aka Pro Ho) to possibly get his attention if I got the chance! Helping guide my ensemble was a random 100 degree heat wave, and I can’t help but point the finger at my Hot Ginge for that one. I bribed one of my bestie’s to “do the Dew” with me as we set forth in search of Shaun White, skater chic… oh and to watch some epic skateboarding too!

step 1: arrive early for once!

every skater kid (and their mom) gave us the WRONG directions to find the vert competition! thank you coffee for helping us persevere!

an exception to my every rule: short-shorts, but i had to!

was it the shorts or just plain good luck 'cause this was my freakin' view!

just dew it!

he won...

... and clearly i did too!

"LOVE Shaun White!" so i guess autographs are back in style now!

Note to self: dreams dew come true, it doesn’t hurt to show a little leg, and always be the bigger person!

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