‘Leder of the Pack.

gesundheit! photo courtesy: AP

Guten Tag! As a half-German Frau, I’ve dabbled in a little Deutsch kultur when possible. As a young Mädchen I eagerly awaited for pre-Christmas gifts from the German Elf (the Who? I dunno. He brought gifts, that’s all that mattered!). In college I studiert abroad in Berlin (though I brought back more clothing than knowledge). My Großmutter, Mutter and Schwester deserve awards for their outstanding German pancakes. My cocktail of choice is Bier and I certainly wouldn’t turn down an invite to der Rheinlander … oh, and I am officially google-able thanks to the Society of Germans From Russia (apparently Catherine the Great was not so great to my Familien)!

Anyhow, since I’ve got all this German street-cred it should come as no surprise that my dream ensemble for fall bares a slight resemblance to traditional German lederhosen chic. I ditched some formalities and decided to take it up a notch with a faux fur vest, pleated tweed shorts, textured tights, sturdy booties and a feminine blouse (it’s not meant to be a costume after all). I had to throw in something I’m currently coveting: an old-fashioned men’s leather briefcase to store my laptop and fashion mags in. Surely my Großvater, an incredible businessman, carried one to our family office each day. Clearly that hard-working German trait still runs in the family… Well anyway, at least you’ll know what to wear to Oktoberfest this month! Prost!

Sprechen Sie Style?

1. Dondup Fedora w/Detailing

2. For Sure Faux Fur Vest

3. DSquared2 Pleated Silk Blouse

4. Apepazza Strasburgo

5. Topshop Tweed Shorts

6. Brooks Brothers Double Gusset Classic Briefcase

7. American Eagle Herringbone Tights

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