Who’s That Girl.

photo: the sartorialist

After sprinting through fall fashion recaps galore, I’ve been happy to indulge in the spring 2011 runway coverage. Amongst the fashion show chaos there is always an array of beautiful, stylish and talented industry types making waves behind the scenes. In hopes of sneaking a peak at what the It Girls are wearing right now, I skip the whole college sports thing in favor of people watching the fashion elite online. No one is better at this sport than The Sartorialist’s Scott Schuman. He spotted this young lady in NYC back in September, but she just now caught my eye. Though I haven’t a clue whom she may be, I applaud her minimalist choices and unique nod to classic 70’s style. We all long to be like her in some way: intriguing, comfortable, eclectic, effortless, chic and so on. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery than hopefully she wouldn’t mind if we did a double take.

case clothed.

1. Topshop Mesh Floral Neck Blouse

2. Scala Pronto Felt Floppy Hat

3. Forever 21 Square Sunglasses

4. Hot Tools 2″ Curling Iron

5. Smith’s Rosebud Salve

6. Twenty8twelve Jack Flared Jeans

7. Pura Lopez Moccasins With Heel

8. Marc Jacobs Magazine Clutch

One thought on “Who’s That Girl.

  1. keith Hurdstrom says:

    Just great seeing you on Studio 6. Haley is a good friend. Seems like yesterday you were at Lakeridge. You did really nice job. Take care, Keith

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