Lumber Jane.

photo courtesy: Library and Archives Canada

Lately I’m loving a look worthy of The Great Outdoors. I can’t tell you the first thing about camping, chopping wood or hiking because I’m the world’s most indoorsy person. However, I don’t need to freeze my arse off or jump off a cliff to get in touch with inner Paula Bunyan. Knowing that bitter cold weather is on its way has me embracing flannel, feather down and fur like it’s my shield from the impending storm. I had to restrain myself from buying out Target last week after spotting plaid tops, Nordic print hats, duck boots, suede slippers and cozy socks galore! Oh and don’t even get me started on the selection of adorable outerwear and cute cords at Old Navy right now. If retail therapy is a positive way of dealing with the harsh elements and seasonal depression, than people I have found The Secret! Otherwise, I should really be heading towards the cabin to curl up with a good book while stylishly sipping on a hot toddy! No pitching tents necessary.

stump style.

1. Boden Fair Isle Trapper Hat

2. Eddie Bauer Crystal Ridge Down Vest

3. Ecko Hatchet Men’s Flannel Shirt

4. Melissa Blank The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing

5. Zealand Ultrasuede Sherpa Tote

6. Gap Argyle Socks

7. Sperry Topsider Ladyfish Fold-Over Boot

8. Free People Twill Cargo Pant

3 thoughts on “Lumber Jane.

  1. emily says:

    Might I add that Jcrew has the CUTEST (though overpriced, natch) toggle closure puffy vest. Would fit in perfect with this scheme!! You know where would be a great place to where these outfits? Blaaaack Butte.

    • styletrial says:

      YES!! i have been coveting the green vest since spotting it at fashion’s night out on sept. 10th! my mum and i saw it at the outlet on monday, but my excitement fell flat when i saw it was $100! hence, old navy for me this year 🙂

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