The Style Staples: October.

three words: Waluga Junior High.

This month my style spirituality is very Nirvana. I am “easily amused” by the idea of watching Reality Bites and Singles or hitting the 1990’s streets of Seattle with E.D. while serenading her with my best Vedder impersonation (personal fave: Hunger Strike).

} On the short end of things, I’ve taken a liking to showing off my gams thanks to opaque tights.  With an undeniably broad selection of hip hosiery on the market, I hereby declare a ban on nude legs for many months to come.

} Get ahead this month by adding a touch of unexpected glam to your daytime look thanks to a sparkly tank! At the very least you’ll be appropriately dressed to meet the gals for happy hour without having to run home and change clothes first (oh how I dread those “quick change” moments). Note: no jewelry allowed when your bodice is already bedazzled!

} Layer with a long, tailored coat to keep those sassy stems covered when that October chill sneaks up on you. Don’t break the bank here: these can be found everywhere from Old Navy to Goodwill. It may be wiser to invest in some alterations to show off your shape instead.

} To top off the glam grunge ensemble throw on a wide-brimmed hat which will add intrigue while warding off the wind. Hat head is better than a rat’s nest any day.

} Though my new look may not be what you’re crushing on this fall, my challenge to you would be to take a fashion risk this month. Feel free of judgment from others and don’t be afraid to clash! If you’re genuinely in love with each piece you put on then you’ll naturally own your layered look the moment you step out into the bitter breeze. And hey if you’re not into it, well than Nevermind all that.

Doll Parts.

1. Forever 21 Wool Floppy Hat

2. Old Navy Wool-Blend Trench

3.  BCBG Tab Pleat Short

4. Gap Black Solid Tights

5. Dr. Martens 1460 Black Nappa Boot

6. DKNY Jeans Sequin Tank

7. Miss Me Plaid Tunic Shirt

4 thoughts on “The Style Staples: October.

  1. emily says:

    and SHOUT OUT to Waluga! Let’s not forget that plaid pullover I had from GAP…. it was your fashion lust of the 7th grade.

  2. Shmal says:

    I’m sorry but I hated Doc Martens then and I hate them now. There is simply no excuse for the nasty material they use for the soles. Gross.

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