the queen of halloween.

The official dress-up day of the year is right around the corner, and I hope to get your party started if you haven’t already begun the hunt for rad October. You can imagine how much I value Halloween, as it’s a holiday devoted to fashion fun. Even when I have trouble brewing costume ideas, my dear friend Mrs. J acts as the Halloween Whisperer. She calls out clever characters for me, and in true Style Trial fashion, she opts for costumes which play to my strengths. In this case it’s typically my “gams” that garner attention, hence the Risky Business pants-less stunner back in ’08. This year she immediately had me at “Kim Kardashian!” and the rest is asymmetrical LBD + smoky eyes + hairspray history. In case you have yet to get your costume on, here’s a couple style icons for inspiration. I kept the cost at a minimum and some add-ons you may already own. Halloween should not break the bank, but it should be the most Style-ized day of the year, no trials neccesary.

no smile style.

1. Forever 21 Stripe Round Sunglasses, $6
2. Designer Skin Gorgeous Gams Bronzing Tanner, $24
3. Modcloth Chic Challenge Dress, $105
4. NY & Co. Faux Croc Tote, $40
5. Jessica Simpson ‘Wallin’ Pumps, $75


1. LC Lauren Conrad Round Bow Sunglasses, $30
2. Arden B. Belted Faux Fur Vest, $69
3. Arden B. Hacci Drop Waist Dress $49
4. Spanx Tight-End Leggings, $32
5. Restricted Siren Suede Over the Knee Boots, $70
6. Starbucks Coffee, $3

put a ring on it.

1. Forever 21 Rhinestone Chandelier Earrings, $8
2. Capezio Leotard, $18
3. Forever 21 Extravagant Ring, $6
4. Forum Novelties Biker Glove, $6
5. Windsor Rhinestone Cuff, $13
6. Sephora Glitter Eyes Palette, $36
7. Type Z Monisa, $90
8. Hanes Silk Reflections Hosiery, $8

4 thoughts on “Hallo-Wear.

  1. emily says:

    a shout out to ME aaaaand your gams??!?!?!!! I feel special. And I can’t wait to see your gams on halloween all kardashianed out!

  2. emily says:

    PS– do you use gorgeous gams? you should, if for nothing than to be able to say you use it. although your gams are already gorgeous… obvi.

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