Excess Baggage.

shop 'till you drop.

Thanksgiving has once again proved to be the day that my mom cooks way better than your mom; needless to say, I’ll be wearing a uniform of stretch pants + baggy sweaters for several days to come. In fact, I’m so full up on gluttonous grub that it’s difficult to think straight about style, shopping and the dawning of Black Friday. As a shopgirl, I don’t know how well I’ll hold up with this food coma situation, but style never sleeps so it’s time to snap out of it come tomorrow morning! I’m not much of a doorbuster myself, but there’s going to be a helluva lot of commotion tomorrow for those in search of a deal. Unfortunately, nothing on my wish list will be on clearance, but that’s what you get for having expensive taste, right? I kid.

This holiday season I suggest giving the gift of deluxe basics: sassy Sorel’s and plush Ugg’s  that are a treat for the feet; a classic black handbag and sunglasses that are built to last; interesting books and beautiful home goods that liven up a room; quality underwear that doesn’t ride up your arse; and a get-noticed jacket that becomes the life of the party. Oh and maybe another pair of stretch pants just in time for Christmas dinner.

Happy Shopping!

all i want for christmas is way too much.

1. Berliner Mauer Kunst, Vincent Van Gogh A Biography, The Ellements of Personal Style
2. J.Crew Disco Sequined Jacket
3. Ugg Rylan
4. Hanky Panky Low Rise Thong
5. Regina Andrew Antique Mercury Glass Lamp
6. Sorel Tivoli Plaid
7. Dooney & Bourke Satchel
8. Oakley Polarized Frogskins

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