Make It Work.

now that's a party!

Last night was my annual holiday gathering at work. We don’t have the traditional office party where co-workers get wasted and show their true colors (we save that for private functions), but this doesn’t stop anyone from going over the top. In fact, you’re expected to work it in your holiday best, and it’s a bit of a fashion showdown (this also happens when CEO’s drop in and it’s fantastic!). Of course I rocked my Badgley Mischka vintage dazzler and paired it with the navy corduroy shorts I made a zillion years ago in design school. I toned it all down with basic black and went light on the makeup, yet opted for glam red nails. (Sidebar: nails should always be short and manicured. Long and square tips are all shades of wrong and a serious offense in most cases). Anyhow, in the holiday hustle we forgot to snap a group photo so I don’t have any clear evidence (Mr. D-LD-DF wore white Hugo Boss & Miss Manager would kill me for even mentioning her, but she looked hot in her black mini).  Hopefully this diagram will at least prove my case.

all-star, indeed.

1. IRO Tuxedo Jacket
2. Vince Sequined Crepe T-shirt
3. Anna & Ava Crystal Teardrop Necklace
4. Sephora Glitter Eyeliner
5. Forever 21 Grand Dame Cocktail Ring
6. Deborah Lippman Nail Color in ‘It’s Raining Men’
7. Stuart Weitzman ‘Kilgore’ Booties
8. DKNY Opaque Tights
9. Old Navy Cuffed Cord Shorts

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