Bright Now.


Perhaps this post should be titled “M.I.A.” because where have I been lately? More like, where haven’t I been?! Be it styling disco themed fashion spreads or getting my freak on at the infamous <<do over>>, my spring has totally sprung! How fitting that I’m really feeling the bold brights that are so relevant right now. My current uniform consists of coral tops + slightly cropped white Ava’s + nude sandals. Now not everyone should wear white pants (I feel like I’m breaking my own rules with them), but DO get yourself a pair of nude pumps immediately! Not only do they slim and elongate the legs, but they go with everything! More importantly, when it comes to color only pick one bright item and go totally minimal with the rest of your ensemble (hence, the nude shoe). Seeing as I’m so out and about these days (fierce exaggeration), I hope to scout some haute pink (or blue or green or orange…) helping to spring us all into summer.

cheap thrills.

1. Zara Long Skirt
2. Splendid Rugby Stripe Maxi Dress
3. Oakley Surf Tote
4. Zara Straight Trousers
5. Eliza J Belted Cotton party Dress
6. M.A.C. lipstick in Show Orchid
7. J.Crew Jetty Dress
8. Steve Madden Riddgge Wedges
9. American Apparel Parka

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