Fits In.

{3-in-1 dress/cape/skirt by Bryce Black}

Considering I spent a third of my life in college, it’s no wonder that I have some serious alumna pride. Sure I went to multiple schools and switched majors a couple times, but I eventually sealed this whole apparel deal at The Art Institute of Portland. It was the best of times (I have an enviable collection of custom clothing) and also the worst (sewed through my finger in a mad dash to finish a final project), but it all instilled in me a sense of  seriously psycho work ethic. I’m currently anticipating what the class of 2011 has been slaving over in preparation for the senior collection fashion show, Fit2Print, which takes place this Saturday, June 4th at Pure Space. In addition to rooting for my fellow alumni (personal fave: Bryce Black), I am stoked to see how this year’s theme will intertwine fashion and graphic design (cocktail dresses made of film strips? Yes, please!). Tickets to the show and silent auction benefit the Creative Arts Scholarship Fund. For those of us who grudgingly send in our student loan payment each month, we know that a little scholarship money is worth working your ass off for. On that note, I will rest my case and hope to see you at the show (fashionably dressed and right on time pretty please!).

Saturday, June 4th 2011, 8pm @ Pure Space

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