Sporty Spice.

road runners.

The sun has finally decided to make an appearance signaling the brief retirement of my gym membership for a hot minute or two. I’ve been getting my kicks for free with quick jogs in my ‘hood that result in a seriously addictive cheap high. For no other reason than to see if I can just do it, I’m signing on for a self-imposed 30 day jog challenge, and hopefully an endless summer will cooperate with my senseless goal. To be honest, I did a trial run last month, but I failed to win the race after my knees and workout wardrobe gave out on me. Now (thanks to Mrs. Big Game and her Nike Employee Store hook-up), everything is back on track with a mere $129 purchase of the most vibrant, yet functional running gear my wardrobe has ever made space for. Let the games begin… round two!

make a run for it.

1. Nike Vapor Women's Running Jacket
2. Jay-Z & Kanye West Watch The Throne, Lady Gaga Born This Way, Girl Talk All Day, Lil Wayne 6 Foot 7 Foot
3. Nike Swoosh V-Neck Tshirt
4. Apple iPod Shuffle
5. Larabar Cherry Pie
6. Nike Tempo Shorts
7. Nike Air Relentless
8. Scunci Headbands
9. Dawn Dais The Non-Runner's Guide For Women
10. Queen Helene Batherapy Mineral Salts
11. Old Navy Padded Sports Bra

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