September Issues.

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After 3 months of nothing but Daisy Dukes, the autumn breeze has signaled that it’s time to store my beloved Jorts and seek out some new style staples. As much as I subscribe to the latest trends, sometimes I just go rogue and create my own uniform of choice. Right now I’m falling for classic Ralph Lauren Canadian Tuxedo cowboy meets 1970’s secretary. For daytime I’m all for colored corduroy pants paired with an ivory silk blouse or a lived-in chambray shirt, but for night I’m obsessed with switching into leather pants (they’re more wearable than you might think!). Once again I’m crushing on ombré highlights, and despite finding some great DIY tips I know that my amazing stylist would put a stop to any such craftiness! I suppose if anything were to go awry I’d just put a lid on it a la Charlie Chaplin’s trés chic Tramp. Oh and speaking of celebs: After spotting Kate Middleton’s stateside debut in DVF, grass green has become my dress color of choice. Remember that bold choices mean minimal accessories, as ‘less is more’ has never been more prevalent. Better to invest in a tri-color satchel or a loafer gone wild and call it good. Also, don’t be discouraged by online sellouts of Missoni For Target. The collection is worth staking your claim in the returns department. You never know if someone’s buyer’s remorse could become your greatest fall fashion victory!

fashion week? try fashion month!

1. Eddie Bauer Chambray Field Shirt
2. L’Oreal Frost & Design Highlighting Kit
3. J Hat Wool & Felt Derby/Bowler
4. La Mer Bali Watch
5. Missoni For Target Cardigan Sweater
6. J Brand ‘Allie’ Corduroy Flares
7. Roccatella ‘Jane’ Belted Leather Satchel
8. Elizabeth and James ‘Diedrick’ Leather Leggings
9. Sam Edelman ‘Wesley’ Suede Tassel Wooden Platforms
10. Marc By Marc Jacobs ‘Michaela’ Tie-Neck Dress with DVF ‘Yoko’ Boot

4 thoughts on “September Issues.

  1. Allison Elizabeth Rogers Patty Cakes Boehm says:

    Um, I have to have those shoes… And since I just tapped my disposable income on Botox, I will be selling plasma until I get them! LONG LIVE OMBRE HIGHLIGHTS! (or at least until my batch from last season finally grow out, haha)

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