Mix Up.

i want all of this... and then probably some more.

Right now I’m super stoked on dressing up a bit more than usual. I’ve ditched the hoodie for my polished peacoat; meanwhile, denim has taken a backseat to the dresses and tights that I can’t seem to get enough of. To conjure up this post was quite difficult, but not for lack of inspiration. I have a potpourri of a look that roughly translates as: 70’s Zoe boho+ Fleetwood Mac Gypsy + New England prepster + inspector gadget + 90’s grunge + Mary Poppins. Also, the more layers, prints and textures the better. I’m also embracing the dark side with a switch towards vamp nails, thick brows, stained lips and leather accents. So… as you can see, it’s easier worn than said. I don’t know what’s got me all up and at it right now, but if you’re picking up what I’m putting down then this style is yours to share!

mix 'n mismatch.

1. Essie Velvet Voyage
2. Rebecca Minkoff Swing Bag
3. Forever 21 Wool Fedora w/Leatherette Trim
4. Smythe Velvet Smoking Jacket
5. Daughters of the Revolution Floral Bell Bottoms
6. Anastasia ‘Go Brow’ Pencil Duo
7. Saka’s Cable Knit Slouch Beanie
8. Ivanka Trump ‘Kamila’ Boot
9. Croft & Barrow Plaid Midi Skirt
10. Rag & Bone Portobello Short
11. Topshop Knitted Stitch Stripe Jumper
12. Vanessa Bruno Floral Sheer Blouse
13. Milly Cape Jacket

3 thoughts on “Mix Up.

  1. r dawg says:

    i just want you to know how talented i think you are! both in putting together the gear AND in working a freaking computer. i can still barely make a power point with clip art. good thing i’m just a TEACHER. keep on keeping on and know that i miss you and love you! is that an appropriate thing to post?

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