Knock It Off.

runway to street: the Isabel Marant 'Renell' jean.

All I want for December is black, white and Isabel Marant all over! Be it a striped sweater, houndstooth pants or a Pendleton pillow, I’ll take one (or three) of each, in black and white only. For me, the color black has always been my least fave because I’ve never found the right way to mix it. I normally feel like a goth, a bumble bee or a waitress when I attempt to rock it, but I’ve just learned that white has been the missing ingredient all along. When I discovered French designer Isabel Marant’s Aztec print jeans (see above) I wept at the $640 price tag, but knew where there’s a style, there’s a way. I ran off to Xerox an interesting Aztec print, then carefully cut out a stencil that I used to hand paint onto a pair of formerly $9 white Gap flares found at Goodwill. With a little time and effort they’re certainly worth more now, and I also have a stencil to use for holiday gift wrap! Though style can never be bought, a crafty approach can always get you any style you want.

ready, set, wear.

{special thanks to Portland’s Pretty for such pretty photos}

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