It’s My Party.

{I'll cry if I want to c. 1981}

As I stare 32 (wowza time flies!) in the face, I’ve begun to replace any birthday blues with the reality that presents may soon arrive! I always forget to compile a wish list for my mom and sisters, but this year I have spelled it out for all to see! I definitely don’t need anything, but if you put me on the spot (you did, right?!) here’s a couple (or ten) things that I most certainly want.

I’m über-inspired by the prepster chic investments a la Blair over at Atlantic-Pacific, but I like to keep it a ‘lil more street in casual kicks and a functional layering piece. I’m always in need of new workout music so an iTunes gift card would make my day, not to mention a pop of spring colors during a bday mani/pedi. Also, my special day happens to fall on the most significant of all holidays: Groundhog Day. Yes, a groundhog is what’s really capable of delivering the best gift of all: the signal of an early spring! Cheers to a potential early onslaught of spring fashion, but for now, an assortment of winter wonders are happily accepted!

{happy birthday to... me!}

1. La Mer Pyramid Stud Watch
2. Groundhog Day Special Edition
3. Coach Court Bag
4. Butter 3 Free Nail Lacquer in Jaffa and Toff
5. Hudson Collin Skinny
6. Nike Wool Destroyer Jacket
7. iTunes Giftcard
8. Groundhog cupcakes
9. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Classic Boot
10. J.Crew Rugby Stripe Sweater

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