Secret Santa.

Hello, Dolly.

Hello, Dolly.

For me, the best part of the holla-days is surprising my awesome nephews with well-deserved gifts and watching their faces light up as they cherish each exciting moment! I also love to treat my mom & sisters to a little special something, but I don’t want to give away any spoilers that The Style Santa is bringing their way (let’s just say there’s a lot of cowl and turtleneck requests)!

However, I don’t mind throwing a visual hint-hint out there with a few  (completely unnecessary) items of which I wouldn’t exactly kick out of bed on Christmas morning. I’m just sayin… From home goodies to trendy treasures to new workout gear, there are some things that might add a little tinsel to my tree! Feel free to stalk my stocking stuffers and add them to your list too. Ho ho holla!

{may all your Christmas' be bright}

{may all your Christmases be bright}

1. Nike ‘Dunk Sky Hi’ Wedge Sneaker in black, purple pattern and red
2. Mindy Kaling Questions I Ask When I want To Talk About Myself: 50 Topics For Friends
3. La Mer Triple Wrap Watch
4. Portolano Metallic Striped Gloves
5. Banksy You Are An Acceptable Level Of Threat…
6. Vogue 1-Year Subscription
7. Capri Blue Candle In A Jar
8. Urbanears Headphones
9. Dorothy Perkins Charcoal Owl Jumper


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3 responses to “Secret Santa.

  1. EPGJ

    I love Capri Blue candles!! Totally worth the investment – the scent can fill the house. And #2 looks fun!! And I want #3 too. Let’s secret ourselves this list.

  2. ryan

    i think i WROTE those “questions i ask when i want to talk about myself.” nice post, and happy christmas, friend o’ mine. xoxo

  3. KBOO

    You, of all people do NOT need ideas on topics so you can talk about yourself. That’s one (just one!) of the reasons why I love you.

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