Secret Santa.

Hello, Dolly.

Hello, Dolly.

For me, the best part of the holla-days is surprising my awesome nephews with well-deserved gifts and watching their faces light up as they cherish each exciting moment! I also love to treat my mom & sisters to a little special something, but I don’t want to give away any spoilers that The Style Santa is bringing their way (let’s just say there’s a lot of cowl and turtleneck requests)!

However, I don’t mind throwing a visual hint-hint out there with a few  (completely unnecessary) items of which I wouldn’t exactly kick out of bed on Christmas morning. I’m just sayin… From home goodies to trendy treasures to new workout gear, there are some things that might add a little tinsel to my tree! Feel free to stalk my stocking stuffers and add them to your list too. Ho ho holla!

{may all your Christmas' be bright}

{may all your Christmases be bright}

1. Nike ‘Dunk Sky Hi’ Wedge Sneaker in black, purple pattern and red
2. Mindy Kaling Questions I Ask When I want To Talk About Myself: 50 Topics For Friends
3. La Mer Triple Wrap Watch
4. Portolano Metallic Striped Gloves
5. Banksy You Are An Acceptable Level Of Threat…
6. Vogue 1-Year Subscription
7. Capri Blue Candle In A Jar
8. Urbanears Headphones
9. Dorothy Perkins Charcoal Owl Jumper

3 thoughts on “Secret Santa.

  1. EPGJ says:

    I love Capri Blue candles!! Totally worth the investment – the scent can fill the house. And #2 looks fun!! And I want #3 too. Let’s secret ourselves this list.

  2. ryan says:

    i think i WROTE those “questions i ask when i want to talk about myself.” nice post, and happy christmas, friend o’ mine. xoxo

  3. KBOO says:

    You, of all people do NOT need ideas on topics so you can talk about yourself. That’s one (just one!) of the reasons why I love you.

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