Blessings in Disguise.



In my fashion heaven,  Tom Ford is God. But he’s insanely good-looking so he’s like the way hotter, much more dapper version. Anyway, ever since his departure from Gucci in 2004 he’s dabbled in everything from perfume and chic sunglasses to directing the beautifully depressing A Single Man. In recent times, Mr. Ford has designed custom ‘fits for celebs like BFF Julianne Moore while inspiring Justin Timberlake’s new debonair look for his return to music (thank God, er Tom Ford). Most importantly: he just shut it down in London with his namesake collection for fall 2013.

Allow me to explain why this collection is EVERYTHING: the strongest trend of the year is pattern on pattern, but Tom Ford takes this trend one step further by adding texture on texture. Thigh-high patchwork boots and leopard coats might seem a bit much for now (hello: Prince Akeem), but as we head into fall everyone will be ready to bow down! Hopefully, ZARA will answer our prayers by providing accessible knockoffs immediately. In the meantime, let us rejoice in the real deal! Amen.

{blessings in disguise}


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