Werkin’ 9 to 5.

{Courtesy of The New Yorker}

{Courtesy of The New Yorker}

I know, I KNOW! I haven’t been here in forever, but I truly do have a decent excuse: I’ve been working a relatively “grown-up” job in the photography styling biz and damn the real world because it is freaking ex-haus-ting! But all thanks to a nudge from my impossibly chic coworker Eric, I’m finally ready to go back on trial! You see, Eric is one of the “creatives” at my work who dresses like he’s from Martha’s Vineyard and fluently utters phrases such as “Frankly, I think that would look marvelous paired with the Chantilly lace!” Eric was disappointed to learn that I didn’t have a “back story” that involved a childhood spent in Europe, and now with his ever-growing disillusionment with me never getting my blog on, I just can’t bear to disappoint him or my Style Trialers any longer! So it is with his polite encouragement that I can proudly proclaim: this court is officially back in session!

First case in the matter: whatever am I to wear to werk it at my work?! Dressing for my job has the following challenges:

-At 6am I don’t give a sh-t what I look like, only to later realize I look like sh-t and I should’ve put in more effort.

-The temperature goes from zero to profusely sweating and back in 2.2, so I have to drape myself in a multitude of layers.

-I need to wear flats (with some type of support) as I often stand for long periods of time.

-I tend to wear boxy, long tops to hide the “Freshman 15” that I’ve put on thanks to endless amounts of free baked deliciousness lingering about.

So, what’s the final verdict on getting dressed in the dark (with minimal regrets) as I dash out the door? A mix of sassy ankle boots + modern skinny jeans + a flowing T + cozy knits + 1 bold accessory = case clothed! Let’s take further inspiration from the street style stars who seem to make looking chic their full-time job (just like Eric)!

{werk it girl, do a twirl}

{werk it girl, do a twirl}

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