Black Magic.

black is the new black

During a recent episode of OMG I need to demo my house and buy all-new-everything Fixer Upper, it dawned on me that what’s really missing from my home is some more industrial touches of black iron. Whether it be in a light fixture, a picture frame, a railing or kitchen hardware, it’s time to mix in some matte black elements in with my bright whites. Here is some inspo conjured up from my lightbulb moment to help you also get back to black. The bottom line: In small doses, matte black is the new black. Time to bust out the spray paint. Thanks as always, Joanna Gaines!

a: Amber Interiors

b, c, e & i: Magnolia Market Blog (Fixer Upper)

f: Becki Owens

g: Liz Marie Blog

h: Lexi Grace

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