Tangled Up In Blue.

One thing I love about my husband is that he has great, unfussy, consistent style in everything; however, his classic sensibilities are a huge buzzkill for my trendy, hipster compulsions. If it was all up to me our house would currently be covered in shiplap, wallpaper & barn doors (all of which repulse him). In our new home we have the exciting opportunity to give our kitchen a face lift. We agree on most everything thus far, but again he won’t budge on any trendy design choices. So file the following under one more amazing trend that will never be in my home: navy blue cabinetry (especially with gold hardware)! I feel it is my duty to pass on this inspiration so that I can live vicariously through someone else who’s willing to take this risk! Enjoy a slice of my blue heaven and onto the next trend I shall go…

navy cabinetry

A. Kitchen by deVol Kitchens

B. Bathroom by Kirsten Marie

C. Laundry Room by Brepurposed

D. Kitchen by Wendy Word Design

E. Office by Studio McGee

F. Kitchen Cabinetry by Charlie Kingham

G. Kitchen by Stone Textile

H. Laundry Room by Studio McGee

I. Kitchen by Nicole Franzen

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