Hair Do.

As someone who is perpetually discontent with their current hairstyle (see exhibit A), I am always on the lookout for the latest hair trends. Current mood: the modern shag! It’s a little bit of everything: bangs, layers, but still a longer length in back. It’s like a super chic mullet, if you will. To style you could probably just spritz on some texturizing spray and head out the door. While I sit and ponder why the grass is always greener, check out these shagadellic do’s from my favorite stylists.

shaggy layers

a. Anh Cotran is the hairstylist of my dreams. Follow him on Insta immediately!

b. & f. Sal Salcedo is the master of the modern shag (and much more)!

c. Thomas Taft says life is too short to have boring hair. Can I get an Amen?

d. Stephanie Lieblich works magic on curls!

e. Tim Duenas has that ‘cool girl from L.A.’ look on lock.

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