Name it to claim it.

Since we moved into our new home I’ve struggled to intermix what’s really trending right now– that whole eclectic, mid-century, funky gallery wall, hip, Instagram-worthy style– with my current decor, my own sense of style and my traditional house. I keep buying cool decor and bringing it home only to realize it just doesn’t “go.” So I decided to give myself a crash course from the masters on the secrets to successful decorating. Step 1 has been one of those things that sounds like simple common sense, but it has actually rocked my world.

First, you must define the look you want in combination with the style of home you actually have. For example: I live in a late-90’s 2-story Tudor with a grand staircase, lots of space and great natural light. We do not have an open floor plan or vaulted ceilings or many of the things that I keep pinning onto my “Dream Home” Pinterest board; hence, why I’ve hit some interior decorating snags. However, we do enjoy a nice separation of space between our family room, dining room and living room, and I hope to create a seamless flow between the look of each room. Taking this into account,  I’ve narrowed down my design preferences and have conjured up a definitive style that marries what I like with the true style of my home and the “good bones” I have to work with. I’m calling it: Classic transitional with a California-cool feel and Southwestern undertones. My color palette is neutral and earthy with calming whites and some coastal vibes. I’m into traditional symmetry, a splash of geometric, textured textiles and impactful, but minimalistic wall art. I want each room to have a cohesive, transitional feel that makes sense with not only the framework of the house but also caters to the needs of my family (including our growing toddler and energetic yellow lab).

I’ve composed some inspirational imagery to create a visual guide with which I can refer to when I’m shopping, styling and rearranging. Now I can easily tell what would and wouldn’t work in my dream space without the hassle of buying and returning. This formula I’ve created might not be perfect or foolproof, but so far it’s been tremendously helpful. I’ve been able to redesign each space with such ease, and I’m loving the immediate results. So here’s the road map for my real dream home, and now it’s time to create yours. I’d love to help you name it, claim it and reap the benefits of an inspired, beautiful home as well.

dream home

All of my amazing sources can be found on my Pinterest page under “Dream Home.” Please check them out!

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