In Progress.

I wanted to give a sneak peak of the fun remodeling project I’m designing in Lake Oswego. I’m sprucing up this little diamond in the rough and adding in some character and style that it’s clearly lacking. Let’s start with the exterior plan: new roof, fresh paint, adding custom shutters, painting the brick chimney black and the brick planter white, majorly cleaning up the landscaping, replacing both garage doors, getting new windows and adding a chic front door. I’m going for a look that’s cool-cottage-meets-modern-farmhouse. It’s a lot of work, but I’m beyond excited to see the finished product by the end of this summer! I’ll be sharing more photos as we progress, but for now here’s a little update on where we’re at in the planning phase. You can also follow along on my Instagram page for more frequent updates and videos!

before and hopefully after

And here are my exact paint color choices: Alabaster white for the main areas & Black Magic for the trim (both by Sherwin Williams). My painter matched the colors and went with his preferred Behr paint instead.


My painter recommended I test out Greenblack by Sherwin Williams as well, but Black Magic was just too perfect to pass up. I love that it’s not too harsh and leans more towards charcoal grey or a matte black.



So that’s my plan for the exterior. Excited to reveal the final result very soon! Stay tuned!




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