Full Coverage.

Right now I am smitten with range hood covers (AKA vent covers)! They can easily become a unique focal point of a kitchen and there are endless options for design. Here is a display of 3 basic styles: metal, wood and painted. Metallic options are chic but spendy, wood covers add a rustic touch a la Joanna Gaines and painted moldings blend in seamlessly with your cabinetry. Each style adds a custom, high-end look that elevates the design of the space but doesn’t take away from the basic function of the vent. Basically, they’re win-win!range hood


METAL (clockwise from left): Cantley & Company, Fixer Upper, Studio McGee, via Better Homes & Gardens, via Better Homes & Gardens, Nate Berkus 

WOOD (clockwise from left): Sita Montgomery (this whole house is amazing), Fixer Upper, The Lily Pad Cottage, Becki Owens, Rejuvenation, Fixer Upper

PAINTED (clockwise from left): Heidi Piron, Studio Mcgee, Fixer Upper (painted to look like metal!), via My Domaine, via Better Homes & Gardens, via Traditional Home


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