Beach, please.

If you regularly follow Amber Interior’s Instagram feed, then you’re already as in love with dreamy beach prints as I am. Art prints can get crazy expensive, but what’s even more cray is how affordable prints like these can be to DIY! Step one: purchase a digital download on Etsy for a photo that feels very No Bad Days. Step two: print out at Costco (paper towels, smoothie mix and a randomly chic sweater sold separately). Step three: insert photo into an IKEA frame and voilà! Surf’s up at your place.

beach pics

a. Sisi & Seb  b. Modern Pixel Art

c. Photo Prints Shop  d. Good Vibes Motel

e. Sisi & Seb  f. Lila X Lola  g. Hello Gorgeous

h. Modern Pixel Art  i. My Meraki Prints


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