Antique Chic

marianne simon photo

Source: Marianne Simon Design

The metal of the moment is definitely antiqued/aged/satin brass! No matter what you call it the look feels vintage, rich and timeless. Try it out in a modern light fixture, a vintage style faucet or with sturdy cabinet hardware. I love how well it pairs with all shades of grey! Here is my guide to get you inspired to branch out to brass!

brass tacks

Check out my Brass Pinterest Board for even more inspo!

A. Studio McGee

B. Lisa Berman Design

C. Home Stories

D. Better Homes & Gardens

E. Joanna Gaines/Magnolia

F. Quality Bath

G. Rejuvenation

H. Fox Group Construction

I. Drummonds

J. Driven by Decor

K. Heidi Piron Design

L. Studio McGee

M. Jessica Helgerson

N. Image via Culture Keeper

O. Sharon Taftian

P. Joanna Gaines/Magnolia


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