Charmed, I’m sure.

Design by And Studio Interiors

By now you’ve certainly caught onto the English cottage vibe that has reminded us all that history repeats itself for a reason. Marble countertops, unlacquered brass hardware, quality craftsmanship and those charming little fluted details are more popular than ever. If you haven’t already devoured For the Love of Kitchens about the incomparable deVol Kitchens it’s a master class in English design that I highly recommend. If you’re looking to add a bit of that charm to your home the perfect place to start is by updating your lighting! Here are some of my favorite picks that fit every budget. I’ll cheers to that!

A. Nordic Sconce

B. Cally Ceramic Pendant

C. Eden Fluted Shade

D. Linen Hanging Shade

E. Ceramic Ribbed Sconce

F. Ceramic Fluted Shade Pendant

G. Wood Wall Fluted Sconce

H. Scalloped Mini Pendant

I. Metal Brass Sconce

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