Welcome! The Style Trial is a space I’ve created to discuss all things interior design and style-related. I hope to keep my readers up to date on interior design and style trends and lend inspiration to help you cultivate your own sense of style. Let’s clean out your closet, clean up your house and work with what you have to create a more styled way of life.

My educational background began in apparel design, but after college I began styling fashion editorials and home decor catalogs. After becoming a mother, my focus quickly turned to styling all things home, sweet home, and I returned to school to pursue my passion for interior design. I still love fashion, but now home is where my heart is, and I love transforming spaces that my clients can thrive in.

Send me a message if you’re looking to spruce up your home and want to set up a design consultation. Whether you want to do a quick makeover of one single room or need ideas about updating your home as a whole, I can meet with you to discuss your needs and create a custom plan complete with concept board, color choices, inspiration and a shopping list. To connect  you can email me at marianne@brutondesign.com & tag along on my latest design adventures on Instagram @mariannebrutondesign.

Thanks for stopping by!



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