Show Time.

double dare.

Recently I was approached with a style challenge: take an outdated bridesmaid dress and make it modern, wearable and chic. This is the only kind of sport that I know how to play, so I was immediately game to tackle this challenge! Frankly I’m over the ‘LBD’ fixation after witnessing too many unfortunate Audrey Hepburn impersonations. However, this fashion makeover has proved quite satisfying after transforming a dumpy dress  into tailored Mad Men perfection. Here’s the part where I get style shy: I have to present two fab ways to wear the dress on a local tv show. Uh, yikes! This is way unchartered territory and perhaps my biggest style tribulation ever. While I work on my 5.5 minutes of fame, check out what I plan to wear. I figure even if I make a fool of myself at least I’ll be sporting a cute outfit… right? Well, you’ll have to be the judge of that.

catwalk the talk.

1. Cara Accesories Bib Necklace
2. Topshop Shrunken Ruched Sleeve Jacket
3. L’Oreal Elnett Extra StrongHold Hairspray
4. Bare Minerals Matte Foundation
5. Essie Lollipop Nail Polish
6. Forever 21 Instant Glam Ring
7. Forever 21 Square Stone Ring
8. Old Navy Citizen Surplus Cargos (borrowed from my mom!)
9. Calvin Klein Sandie Patent Pump
10. Lucky Brand Shane Sequined Tank

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