My Boyfriend’s Back.

relaxed renaissance.

As a denim-maniac, lately I am down to get down. Even though it’s been quite cold this “summer,” I recognize that Uggs are no longer appropriate… perhaps this is why baggy jeans have become my new comfy go-to. I define the updated boyfriend jean as a loosely cuffed, straight leg style that is simply one size up from your normal size (or two if you’re  über-cool and happen to live in a beach town). Feeling frumpy? Give your BF jeans a boost with a sturdy heel or a standout flat and throw on a structured top. I have 2 old pairs of Rich & Skinny jeans that I switch out nearly every day, and I’ve yet to run into the same look twice. So retread your threads, save yourself a bundle and sack it up this summer… no real boyfriend necessary.

raise your standards.

1. A.L.C. Leather Paillette Tank
2. Splendid Forgotten Avenues Tee
3. Topshop Crop Shoulder Detail Jacket
4. AG Adriano Goldschmied The Ex-Boyfriend Crop
5. Current/Elliot The Boyfriend W/Star
6. Joe’s Jeans Rolled Best Friend
7. Madewell The Bridgewalk Sandal
8. Topshop Horatio Orange Sandal
9. L.A.M.B. Nathan

6 thoughts on “My Boyfriend’s Back.

  1. AllisonERPCB says:

    I remember about 4 years ago when you made Shawn’s jeans your “boyfriend” jeans for a day! Love your style, and your face, and your OMG-Shoes 😉 xoxo

    • styletrial says:

      i hacked into my freaking myspace account after 2 years absence and found our boyfriend jeans pic…. along with unread emails. hope those people are forgiving about VERY delayed responses 😉

  2. emily says:

    typo alert… apostrophe in ugg’s… should be uggs. sorry couldn’t help it. ok now i will go make a separate comment so that you can delete this comment after you read it. xo

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