A Bronze Metal Finish.

So I’m in the midst of a little hardware conundrum. I’ve been on the hunt for black lighting fixtures and black hardware for a remodel project I’m designing, and I keep striking out in my search. I have my heart set on finding black schoolhouse pendants, but I can only find them with an oiled bronze or satin nickel finish. I’ve chosen bright white cabinetry and a cool grey wall color, and I just can’t reconcile using oiled bronze hardware with this combination. I love oiled bronze, but personally I feel it’s a better fit for a warm, rustic feel and a perfect match with antique whites and wooden accents. For my current project I think I’ll have to go with my 2nd best choice– satin nickel, but here is my vision for oiled bronze at its finest to keep in mind for future projects.oiled bronze

A. Kelley Designs

B. Tammy Connor Interior Design

C. Steven Gambrel Design

D. Tricia D. Atkinson

E. Fixer Upper

F. Our Vintage Home Love

G. DISC Interiors

H. Candlelight Homes

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