Coachella Bella.

Things that I LOVE: fashion, music, sunshine, all things southwestern, people/celeb watching. Things that I DON’T love: excessive heat, waiting in lines, port-a-potties, drunken crowding, expensive expenses. Thanks to a bittersweet ruling I’ll be sitting out the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival this weekend (better luck next year). My biggest regret is missing out on the parade of fashion do’s and don’t’s of Coachella’s finest. It’s always interesting to see how people manage to look amazingly cool when it’s hot as hell and the ground is kinda dirty. I foresee this going wrong in so many ways, but I figured out a funky way I’d do it right. Many thanks to Schmal (a Festival alumna) on this one!

fest dressed.

1. Forever 21 Pattern Block Woven Top

2. Tilly’s Straw Fedora

3. Ray-Ban Wayfarer

4. Bess Studded Suede Boot

5. James Jeans Boyfriend Short

3 thoughts on “Coachella Bella.

  1. Shmal says:

    Shry and I are still mourning our aborted Coachella baby, but it’s on like dawn for next year!
    I love your Coachella fashion recommendations..
    cut offs-check
    hat for Shry’s growing bald spot-check
    Might I may a couple suggestions for next years festival goers…
    ***A bangin’ 80’s one-piece swimsuit under your cute cut-offs because it is THAT hot!
    ***Massive amounts of sweat-proof sunblock, unless you are Shmeer and still use baby oil.
    ***Hot looking lip gloss since that’s the only make- up that makes sense in the Dez!
    Love yas

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