A Short Story.


Brands from left: Sanctuary, Kimchi Blue, Sparkle & Fade, Theory.


I just can’t get over my newfound crush on shorts + tights + boots as this season’s cutest combo, and it’s definitely a look worth adopting this fall. Tweed shorts seemed like the perfect start for a series of DIY projects that I’m hoping will save everyone  some cash (and use up a little creative energy). My apparel design degree has resulted in some seriously mediocre sewing skills, but if you’re a beginner I would encourage a basic sewing skills course before tackling patterns, zippers and waistbands, etc. The best place to start your sewing party is at a discount fabric mega-store, but be sure to budget your time and money wisely. For this project I spent 30 minutes picking out a pattern and another 30 selecting my fabric and notions. Though my intended budget was $20 the total ended up at $32. Oops. To simplify the sewing process I opted for a side zipper and ditched the belt loops… oh and when I was really running on empty the cuffs didn’t make the cut either. I guess I forgot how much patience it takes to make a quality, tailored garment. After several very long hours the shorts were ready for their debut at no better place than Portland Fashion Week. Perhaps next year I’ll take on New York, Paris or Milan, but this year my hometown will have to suffice.


a brief showing.


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5 thoughts on “A Short Story.

  1. emily says:

    FYI I remember there was a teen vogue a year or 2 ago that featured how to easily make these out of pants, DIY style. Might wanna google it!?

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